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Preventing White Collar Crime & Corruption – Interview with Roman Heiz and Michael Mráz

15. October 2012 |  

What measures do you recommend to your clients to minimize the risk regarding corruption and white collar crime as much as possible?

Roman Heiz: We have already been conducting training sessions for our clients since 2007. We have a catalog of measures. The catalog consists of 4 steps. First we define the tenets for corruption – the so-called codex. Such a codex is specifically adapted for each company. The second step is the definition of the organizational measures for the …

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Unternehmensberatung für die Rechtsbranche

- Business Development
- Marketing 
- Rankings (Chambers, etc.) 
- Gewinnverteilung (Compensation)


- Externe Inhouseabteilung
- Kapitaloptimierung
- Seminare
- Inhouse Counsel Beratung