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Schellenberg Wittmer advised on the sale of the “Airgate” tower to the city of Zurich

26. August 2015 |  

Zurich – The business law firm Schellenberg Wittmer with offices in Geneva and Zurich advised the Australian Barana Group, a real estate investment and finance company with a total real estate portfolio of USD 450 million on the sale of the office building “Airgate” tower to the city of Zurich located in Zurich-Oerlikon. The purchase price for the 1980 built office building with floor space of 22,150 square meters amounts to CHF 128 million.

The city of Zurich intends to use …

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CMS von Erlach Poncet advises the Kunstmuseum Bern regarding the inheritance of Cornelius Gurlitt

3. July 2015 |  


Bär & Karrer advises ACE Limited on the acquisition of Chubb Corporation for USD 28.3 billion

2. July 2015 |  


Susanne Schreiber announced new partner and co-head of the tax team of Bär & Karrer

1. June 2015 |  


Homburger advises UBS in the repurchase of the Legacy Asset Portfolio (StabFund) from the Swiss National Bank

19. December 2013 |  


Prager Dreifuss advises African Risk Capacity Project Team

28. February 2013 |  


Pestalozzi advised private investors on the sale of the Pyramide am See (Pyramid by the Lake)(Ferrohaus Zurich)

21. January 2013 |  


Homburger advises Headway

15. October 2012 |  


Niederer Kraft & Frey advises Pago

21. June 2012 |  


Zurich – MLaw Silvio Wyss left Deloitte AG and started as a tax advisor with Wenger & Vieli AG as of 5 March 2012

5. March 2012 |  


Homburger advises ZKB on launch of subordinate loan

20. January 2012 |  


Stefan Oesterhelt Becomes a Partner At Homburger AG

6. January 2012 |  


Bruno Bächli becomes new partner at Wenger & Vieli

30. December 2011 |