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BCCC Welcomes Two New Partners

18. January 2012 |  

Geneva, 18.01.2012 – BCCC, an independent Swiss business law firm with offices in Geneva and Lausanne has added two new partners effective 01.01.2012. Ms. Stéphanie Fuld has been accredited as a lawyer in Geneva since 1997 and is a certified expert on labor law (FSA). She also has extensive experience in such areas as immigration law and social security. Before joining BCCC in 2008 Ms. Fuld worked in private enterprise and in prestigious law firms. She regularly presents lectures on …

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Unternehmensberatung für die Rechtsbranche

- Business Development
- Marketing 
- Rankings (Chambers, etc.) 
- Gewinnverteilung (Compensation)


- Externe Inhouseabteilung
- Kapitaloptimierung
- Seminare
- Inhouse Counsel Beratung